Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Attentive Pet Burial Services in Rockford, IL

Arlington Pet Cemetery provides pet burial services in Rockford, IL, and is the perfect final place of rest for your cherished pets. Our spectacular pet cemetery is located alongside the Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery burial grounds and was established in 1992.  The inscriptions on the gravestones speak louder than words – In Our Hearts Forever, We Love You and Miss You, History's Finest Greyhound, You Brought Joy to Our Hearts, and hundreds more serve as a final testimony of gratitude and appreciation to those treasured members of the animal kingdom.

Arlington Pet Cemetery offers a wide range of services to fit any budget, including the following:

• Grave Site Service Accommodations
• Full Pet Body Interment
• Burial Lots
• Monuments (Granite)
• Markers (Bronze & Granite)

• Custom Pet Cremation
• Seasonal Flowers
• Pet Caskets
• Pet Pickup Services


Our cremation service is called "Custom Cremation." Unlike other cremation services, we guarantee single animal cremation, for all domestic-sized animals. There is no mixing of animal remains.

Cremation has become a more popular alternative in recent years. It is less expensive than ground burial, although many people also select cremation because of personal preference. The cremated remains (cremains) can be saved in an urn, buried, or scattered.

Headstone, Pet Burial Services in Rockford, IL
Pet Headstone, Pet Burial Services in Rockford, IL
Dog Headstone, Pet Burial Services in Rockford, IL


All of our burials are individual burials. Pet owners can select the burial location. Please contact our staff for information or an appointment to visit the cemetery.